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America has the most expensive medical system in the world. Manufacturers justify this by claiming they are innovating, producing, and selling the most advanced medical devices in the world. What they don't say is that they often sell these expensive devices to patients without proper testing, and even when they discover the devices do not work or cause injury.

In a terrible twist, a medical device that promised to restore health and improve quality of life has done just the opposite, and caused a serious, permanent injury. This is the situation in many defective medical device cases we handle. 

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Attune Knee Replacement                    IVC Filters                                                         Prisma Dialysis
3M Bair Hugger                                     Kegul Mesh Patch                                             Stryker Hip Implant
Bone Cement                                        Laproscopic Power Morcellator                         Talcum Powder
Davinci Robot                                        Metronic Insulin Pump                                      Transvaginal Mesh
Depuy Knee Replacement                    Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements                    Zimmer Hip Replacements
Essure                                                   Mirena                                                               Zimmer Knee Replacements    
Guidant                                                 Physiomesh                                                       Zimmer Duron
Hernia Patch Recall                              Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI)                             Zimmer Medical Products