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Prescription drugs are meant to offer relief to suffering patients. They are not supposed to cause harm. Yet the number deaths resulting directly from prescription drugs continues to grow each year, while most other forms of preventable death are declining.

While not all drugs are bad, there are a few key pharmaceuticals that are accused of doing more harm than good. The patients taking these drugs have experienced serious side effects that are life-altering and can even end in death. These drugs are approved and regulated by the FDA, but their regulations and recommendations change as new data becomes available.

  • Overdose due to a prescribing error
  • Drug to drug interactions caused when medications are taken together improperly
  • Extreme side effects profile

If you feel like you are a victim of a prescription drug side effect or dosing error or have taken one of the drugs listed on this site, contact Scherf Law Firm today at 1-334-208-7857 or 1-205-922-5001. Our team will help you work through your claim and determine if you may be eligible for compensation.


Abilify                                                              Invokana                                                         Talcum Powder

Actonel/Boniva                                               Januvia, Victoza, Janument, Byetta                Taxotere

Actos                                                              Lipitor                                                              Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Benicar                                                           MRI Contrast Agents                                      Topamax

Birth Defects and Prescription Drugs             Nexium                                                            Tylenol

Depakote                                                        Pradaxa                                                           Viagra

Diabetes Drugs Linked to Cancer                  Prilosec                                                            Xarelto                        

Eliquis                                                             Proton Pump Inhibitors                                    Yasmin, Yaz, Ocella      

Fosamax                                                         Risperdal                                                         Zocor

Granuflo                                                          SSRI's                                                             Zofran